Liberty People

HCLC believes in and supports the vision of ‘Liberty People’, the ministry of Pastor Steve and Helen Blake.

Liberty People Mandate

Since establishing Liberty for the Nations in 1991, Steve & Helen Blake have sought to personally fulfil and lead others in their God-given mandate: to minister in the nations “In Word and In Deed”.

Some foundational scriptures that have been guideposts and checkpoints for this ministry include Jesus’ words to the “sheep and goats” (Matthew 25 – I was hungry and you fed me)… The Widow’s Mite (Luke 21:1-4 – in her poverty she gave everything she had)… The Extravagant Offering (2 Chronicles 1 – Solomon sought the Lord, offering 1,000 burnt offerings. He asked only for wisdom to lead, and God gave him wisdom and wealth to govern)… The Man Who Asked for Help for his Friend (Luke 11:5-8 – people at their midnight hour need a friend)… A Joyful Sacrifice (2 Corinthians 8:1-15 – rich generosity even in extreme poverty).

Jesus ministered to the whole man, in response to the need. His heart was filled with compassion both for the spiritually destitute, and the desperately poor in terms of physical resources.

Practical assistance projects (the “deeds” arm) have included numerous humanitarian aid shipments to the Pacific and Africa, funding church buildings and community outreach projects in the former Soviet States, financing other ministries and indigenous workers in several countries, serving strife-torn communities with the message of reconciliation, financing self support programs in poor communities, supporting children’s homes and widows, establishing community assistance and outreach projects together with local churches, taking teams overseas, building children’s homes and school classrooms, and working with asylum seekers in Australia.

Other ministry has included preaching in local churches, village evangelism, teaching church leaders in local churches and at conferences, and teaching in Bible schools. Wherever the Word is preached, people are prayed for and signs and wonders are anticipated (Mark 16:17).

Steve has preached in cities and rural village settings in Belarus, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Vanuatu, Bougainville, Nigeria, America, and Australia. In many places, the needs are overwhelming. Children in refugee settlements are in the military; old people in institutions have no-one to care about them and no hope; families who are already poor take abandoned orphans into their families; churches are too poor to effectively meet the needs of those around them; infants are given away because their families are too poor and too large.