Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups exist because HCLC recognises the value of connection through discipleship, nurturing and accountability.

Connect Groups allow us to make friends, develop our spiritual gifts and connect with others in meaningful ways.

Connect Groups are made up of small groups of people meeting together regularly in informal environments.

They're a place of:

* Discipleship: where together we increasingly learn to live, love and look like Jesus. A place to study God's Word and encourage each other in knowing our identity in Christ.

* Nurturing: where we sincerely and authentically care for one another. Where we can be vulnerable and pray together.

* Accountability: A safe place where trust runs deep and we can encourage and challenge one another to be living the life God has called us to.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of a Connect Group. It's an integral part of church life where we grow in our relationship with God and others.

Connect Groups within HCLC are varied and distinct ~ each with their own flavour and characteristics. You're sure to find one that suits your needs. We also have an E-Connect group which meets online...great for young families!

For more information on a group near you please contact:

Pastor Mark Yeomans 0425 283 626