Meet the Senior Pastors

Our Senior Pastors, Mark & Leanne Yeomans, began their journey as Senior Pastors of Hunter Christian Life Centre in January 2018. They stepped into the position after our previous Senior Pastors, David & Christine Yeomans, retired in December 2017 after many decades of serving faithfully . Mark is the eldest son of Pastor David and Christine Yeomans.

Pastors Mark & Leanne have been married for 29 years and have 4 children. Alex (25) is married to Tyla, Laura (23) is married to Lewis, Samuel (14) and Benjamin (12). They have two beautiful grandchildren, Elliot & Freya ,to Alex & Tyla.

Pastor Mark has served the church for many years with involvement in music ministry, preaching, eldership and previously, youth ministry.

Pastor Leanne was involved in youth ministry years ago, and women's ministry more recently, as well as kids ministry and music ministry.

They both have a vision to reach out to the community and for Hunter Christian Life Centre to be an extension of the love of God in this place. They love to see God's people living to their full potential in Christ.